Sunday, August 26, 2012

Waves of Grace

Summer has come to a close and I must say that I am sad to see the long days of laughter, outings and company end.  Our home has been in constant motion, a revolving door of visits from friends and family.  As one wave of company would roll in, unload, unpack, play, repack and roll out the next wave could swish right in to the "Happy H B&B".  We have played, fished, a bit of boating and shelling, ate, cooked, water parked, climbed lighthouses, toured museums,  swam and laughed.  My family has been blessed to savor simple summer moments with the best of the best and I do mean the BEST!

How is my life so full of such amazing, wonderful people?

I have spent my life choosing carefully who I allow into my space.  I am friendly of sorts, often misunderstood but for the most part cordial to everyone I cross paths with.  But there are those who God sent just for me...those few people who have sunk into the deeper places of my heart.   I am surrounded by amazing people who I love and  through the summer, when the doors have closed behind their visit, tears have streamed down my cheeks.  I have been captivated, caught up and swept away in the waves of blessing.  
Do you have relationships in your life that are amazing?  Has your cup been overflowing with encouragement, hugs, laughter and insight that comes from the friends and family that hide themselves in the deep places of your heart?  If yes, then praises be to God, you are BLESSED!  If not, below are a few things that I mulled over as to what I have used through many years of relationship building as a guide.  Life is is a gift from our Creator, he intends for us to be rich in the area of relationship...if you struggle in this area, pinpoint your weakness and start strengthening your waves of blessing! 

Start evaluating and begin to surround yourself with amazing, life speaking, God loving, genuine people!

  • I have not patience for surface level interaction and self centered thinking...I just do not have it in me.  My people are real with me and I am real with my people!
Are the people in your life as interested in your struggles and triumphs as you are theirs? 

  • I may not agree with ones belief, opinion, direction or choice, but I have deep respect for those who believe what they believe and stand on it with authenticity.  I do not force my beliefs on others, I live my beliefs in front of others.  Respect must be a mutual force for any longstanding, worth while relationship.
Do the people in your life respect your code of beliefs?  Do they respect your values when they are in your home?  Do they respect your convictions when you are in mixed company?  Do your beliefs ever become a target with the people who are in your circle?  Know what respect is, give others respect and expect it to reciprocate.

  • I expect honesty, integrity, authenticity within my relationships.  I will not accept being lied to, deceived or manipulated.  Authentic relationships MUST be centered in honesty. 
Do you have to mingle through the junk to find truth?  Are you constantly second guessing the relationship?  Be honest with yourself and and make an honest evaluation of the the TRUST factor in your relationships.  If it is not rooted in trust then TRUST must be addressed, IN LOVE.

I can honestly evaluate the relationships around me and say that they are all amazing people. Me and my sweet peeps have a genuine belief in who we are, centered in trust and honesty.  To be able to say this with confidence is a blessing.  I am beyond thankful for the people God has so meticulously placed in my path...I am loved and that love reciprocates...that my friends is Amazing Waves of Grace!!
Summer 2012 is all wrapped up and has proven to be one of the highlights of my life.  The first week of June marked the completion of my radiation treatments and I began to look ahead to all that God has for me.  This summer I have been alive!  I have laughed harder, played louder and savored each moment with more intensity than  ever before.  Life is sweet, we are blessed and I am so thankful for each amazing wave of love that has rolled my way and swept me off of my feet!

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There is to much about me for this little space. I think big and dream bigger. I love people. I love family. I love to be loved. I am a wife, mother, sister, Meme and friend. I am a believer in the Christ Jesus, I worship him and him alone. I am amazed at my abundant blessings and take each day as it comes. My life is a gift and I am forever grateful.

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