Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Year of the YaYa!

I have those few special gals in my life that overwhelm me with love, understanding and unwavering support.  I call them my YaYa's.  My YaYa's are NOT your ordinary, giddy, "let's go shopping" YaYa's, these gals are amazing!  They are tough, witty, strong, intelligent, loving, spirit filled and so much more!  They are beautiful, authentic souls.

Here are a few snip-its about my YaYa's!
Starr ~ Starr is my beautiful, level headed, always has been and all ways will be
YaYa!  We go wayyyyyyy back!  I'm talkin' grade school silliness, MTV, tight rolled jeans, poofy hair and  Patrick Swayze.  Starr was then and  is now my comforting soul.  She has a way to bring calm to my chaos...level headed thoughts and rational words are always a chat away.  We can go a week, a month, a year without holding a serious conversation but I can pick up the phone this minute and it is like we never missed a beat and talk 'til midnight!  I should include her Husband, Jojo, as an honorary YaYa.  He is one who picks up the phone, tells me he loves me and to go "kick some ass"!  If there is such a thing as a MALE YaYa...he fits the definition.  I love the fact that we grew up together, that we have stayed connected and I am proud of the women, wives, mothers...that we have become.  The power of YaYa connectivity is an amazing thing!

Nicole ~ AKA, Ninny, my witty wonder.  I have lived with the Nin.  I have laughed, cried, yelled and ran with the Nin...(that "ran" is figuratively speaking...we have never "ran" together...we do not run...we would die).  We "run" errands.  We "run" to the mall.  We "run on over here, frand"!  Nicole is my coffee and dump cake, maxinista, road trippin' friend who could ruin me in a minute but I keep telling her more.

Brooke ~ My praying, spirit filled, super model sista...who when need be, prays the heavens down just for me!  Brooke and I enjoy a sweet friendship, it comes flows! 

Ruth Ann ~ My Dr. Pepper and a Payday on a high school Friday night friend who knows every plant by their scientific name and is thoroughly qualified to be the First Republican Woman President of the United States.  Ruth is my "unlikely" friend, but I am so glad that she is!

LaDonna ~ I don't even know where to start with this  She is cousin/sister/friend.  We have an understanding...a connection...that is just understood.

What defines a YaYa?  YaYa's are love unconditionallyMy list of YaYa's of past and present goes on and I am blessed to be surrounded by the best of the best.
Do you need a few YaYa's?  Let me encourage you to build your relationships intentionally.  Surround yourself with authentic, honest women who will build you up and carry you through.

Perhaps you have your own YaYa's.  Set aside this year to celebrate the friends who have stood beside you no matter how easy or how difficult the circumstances are, have been or will be.  Commit to make 2013 the year of strengthening relationships, making heart felt connection and spiritual investments.  Make this year the YEAR OF THE YaYa!

A Note to My YaYa's
Thank you for loving me, laughing with me, sharing your life with me. 
It is an honor to walk this journey with you! 

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